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Reader Reviews

We feel the love.

Your book is incredible. My husband and I have finished it, and are on our second "re-read". It explains so much!!! It offers insight into anyone's life as well as a wonderful path to follow. We are totally impressed with your writing abilities, your drawing us into your story AND keeping our complete interest. This is incredibly "good fodder" for Baptists to die-hard Catholics, to incorporate into their lives - and soooo instructive. We think this should go in the "self help, religious and feel-good " sections of any bookstore. It’s perfectly organized. Thank you for all you have lived through, imparted to others and offered to us all.
This is not just a book, it is a book that will change your way of thinking about yourself and your world; A way of BEING; A way of living. Kristina pours out herself and her story in a way that all of us can relate to as most of us have had to endure suffering and tragedies in our lives. She doesn’t elaborate on her pain but moves the reader forward to life after her awakening to her true immortal self. Kristina provides the reader practical strategies on how we can move to a “Wonderstruck” life! I highly recommend this book.

Life is a series of ups-and-downs.

When we hit rock bottom, it can be an unexpected catalyst for awakening to the wonder of our existence. But first, we must have the courage to let go of everything we think we know. Join Kristina as she takes her first step of courage into the unknown, beginning an epic quest for answers to some of the most profound questions of existence.

Her deeply transformative story reimagines what we understand to be possible for a soul on its journey through time. By turning traumas and trials into magnificent opportunities, Ms. Kashyap models for us a path to living a more vibrant and conscious life by opening our hearts, meeting our souls and learning to trust our inner voice above all else.

Fed Up to Wonderstruck is a “must” read for anyone who is seeking their own truth and wants to embody what true spirituality means. It is a glorious ride with many twists and turns, filled with magic, wisdom and easy to follow guidance.

Who am I and why am I here?
What is the purpose of life?
Does a higher intelligence exist?
What happens after we die?
How do I heal from the past?

This author has a gift of writing a beautiful and touching story, as she shares with us the difficulties and triumphs of her experience. It’s deeply transformative, realizing that all past challenges can lead to profound awakening.  I love the step by step practical instructions on how you can become unstuck from deep-rooted emotions of your past.

Each chapter motivates you to live a vibrant and conscious life by opening the heart energy. Throughout the book, you can sense the author’s rich spiritual wisdom and the confidence that the reader can also realize their own liberation. A “must” read for anyone who is seeking their own truth and would like to feel beyond the words what true spirituality really means.

Y. Beckers

The Author

Kristina (8 of 10)
Kristina Kashyap is a Meditation Teacher, Author, Holistic Health Coach and Practitioner. She facilitates seminars and retreats which help bring clarity, trust, power and joy into the lives of the participants. Kristina teaches how to create balanced and nurturing relationships with all aspects of the self. She connects the dots of healing for a simple, practical and vibrant path forward.

I highly recommend Kristina’s heartfelt and honest description of her journey from despair to complete trust. While reading, I felt like I was taking that journey with her. Her experience reveals the power of an honest and determined search for truth, to produce magic when we let go of preconceived ideas and trust in the process. 

I was impressed with the wisdom she acquired from her journey. Her story was an inspiration for me to listen to my own internal GPS. I invite you to take the trip with her. Don’t be surprised if you are inspired to take a journey of your own.

M. Gippin
"The Human Butterfly! Anyone who has had life deliver them a knockout punch needs to read this, to know how possible it is to break out of death's cocoon and soar again!"
– Charles H.

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Download the new book from Kristina Kashyap today.

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